Our collection of any personal information is for the reasons set out below and we aim to process and hold suchinformation within the guidelines and principles set out in this statement and in our overriding Privacy Policy which applies generally to any information held by us.

Manner of Collection

We primarily collect personal information directly by requesting that you complete forms, which may include registration forms and booking forms, and/or you write in paper and/or electronically to us. In addition, some information may be gathered through the use of “cookies”. Cookies are small bits of information that are, on an instruction from a website, automatically stored on a person's web browser on their computer. A cookie can be retrieved by that website and used to personalise the website content. If you wish to prevent access to cookies by any website you may do so by changing the relevant setting on your browser, however, this may prevent the proper functioning of certain parts of the website. We and/or our internet service provider and/or agent may also collect information regarding your IP address, browser type, domain name and access time.

Type of Information

We request different categories of personal information in various parts of our website, depending on the requirements of the services offered or recruitment. The categories of personal information we collect may include your name, title, position, address, telephone number (including mobile and fax numbers) and email address. The personal information may also relate to other persons relevant to the services you have requested.

Our Use of Your Information

We will process the collected information to provide certain cargo related services to you and/or review for your application for position in our company in accordance with the stated purpose of this website. In addition, we may use the collected information for our statistical research and analysis, and for the marketing of our products and services (unless you choose not to receive any marketing communications by contacting us at any later date).

Our Disclosure of Your Information

We value all personal information received by us and do our best to maintain its privacy. Except as stated below or with your prior consent, or as required by law, we will not transfer or disclose your personal information to any third party:-

(1) any personnel, agent, adviser, auditor, contractor or service provider who provides services or advice to us in connection with our operations insofar as required to enable us to provide, or assist us in providing, the services you have requested;

(2) unless you have chosen not to receive marketing communications, our marketing communications and operations partners with whom we share information in order to provide you with special offers and information;

(3) any person under a duty of confidentiality to us; and

(4) any person to whom we are required to make disclosures under any law applicable in or outside Hong Kong.


We will use such secured encryption systems as are appropriate for the collection of your personal information over the Internet, based on the type of information being collected. Unfortunately these security measures are not 100% secure and it is possible that others may intercept the information you are sending.

We will also take such steps as are appropriate to ensure the security of such information while it is held by us. This will include password protection and other electronic security methods as well as physical security methods, where appropriate, to help ensure that the information can only be accessed by our authorized employees, which employees shall be made aware of the terms of this statement and our duties to you under it.

Data Access and Correction

You are entitled to access personally identifiable information we hold about you and if applicable to correct or update it. You also have the right to request details of our personal data privacy policy and the type of personal data we hold.

If you wish to exercise any such right, please write to us by the method stated in "Contact Us" page.

We have the right to charge a reasonable fee for processing a data access request.

[These terms and conditions may be translated into other languages but the English version shall prevail at all times.]